Sunday, November 23, 2014

diy kit: smile

i always want to share more thoughts about my layouts, but alas i am lazy.  recently, i have been contemplating this dilemma and came up with a five area system that i could try.  photo, story, design, technique, and product.  maybe writing a sentence or two about each of these areas would be a nice compromise.  also, using the header/colon system eliminates the need for segues.  seques are just painful to me. 

let's give it a whirl . . .

design: i've been into playing with patterned paper mixes lately.  this has been especially fun when working with patterned papers that I've pulled from my own stash (as opposed to working with a kit that has been mailed to me aka chosen by someone else).

technique:  the cards on the right were originally manila colored.  i used an ink pad and blender tool to color them.  i then decided to add a few splats.  i guess it's been a while since I've splatted.  my first attempt was with my reinkers and a few strong blows.  that went totally wrong.  i then remembered that perfet splats are achieved with the dabber tips of distress stains.  i used this method plus some well placed sequins to hide my distressing splats.  good save, doris.

photo: a copy of one my mom snapped of me when i was a flower girl in my cousin's wedding.  don't you just love the muted tones, blow out, and white photo border?  (totally not being sarcastic, i really do love those things).

story:  while the photo is from my cousin's wedding, my journaling is mostly about my personality.  i was a very serious child back then.  i was often perceived to have a frown on my face, but in actuality i was just a very deep thinker.  i still am, but i've learned to relax the facial muscles so as to be less intimidating.  ;)

product:  here's a quick snap of the patterned paper i pulled together for my own little kit.  i based them off of american crafts diy shop paper pad.  i actually had so much fun pulling these together that i added an extra row or so.  so far, I've made three layouts with this kit that all look completely different even though they use some of the same papers (you can see another i posted from this kit HERE).  i plan to do at least one project life page with it as well before i disband it.

for the two pages I've posted from it so far, i also pulled extensively from my glitter box.  this is where i keep stuffing all my leftover tags, label stickers, and diecut bits.  you can see it's getting crowded in there and needs to be used more.  i'm hoping to make more of my own kits like this, so i can whittle down my stash.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

quality literature: flight behavior

another good one.  this one satisfied the science nerd, butterfly chasing, tree hugging side of me. 

it's quite a bit science preach-y in places.  i enjoyed that, but it's not for everyone i guess.  except taking care of our environment really is a group effort. 

really, i thought it did a lovely job of marrying science with a fictional storyline.  i was particularly pulled in by the character development of the protagonist and her mother-in-law. 

save the monarchs!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

family birthday bash

i kinda love these requisite cousins-who-came-to-the-birthday-party shots.  i need to one day dig them all out and make a mini-album of them.  so cute.  how can one photo document so much?  this is millie's first year with us, riley was in a ta-da phase, and the boys are getting so tall!

per aunt doris's instructions, lining up according to age for the piƱata.  the family parties are usually kept simple.  gallon sized ziplocs and a sharpie worked beautifully for the treat bags.  okay, maybe serviceably would be a better adjective there.

one . . .

two . . .

 three . . .

four!  score for the birthday boy!

i didn't feel too bad that jacob and troy didn't get a chance at bat.  they're in middle school now and can handle not getting a turn much better than the kindergartners can.

i had to photoshop these pictures a lot and they're really horrible still, but they have a certain charm about them.

i forgot the candles.  luckily gma had a few leftovers.  that looks like the number eleven, right?

went simple with the cupcake toppers too.  halloween is really the best time of year for a birthday.

 blowing out the candles right after the off key rendition of the birthday song.

gives a new meaning to cutting the cake.

doubly sweet!!

that moment when you know you've nailed his gift . . .

and then you nail the satisfied smile too . . .

and you just keep snapping away . . .

because the moment is so perfect and you want to remember it forever and always.

friend parties are amazing and fun, but there is just something extra special about family parties.  so hooray for cousins, smashing pumpkins, stores that sell fsu wrapping paper, finding the perfect gift, aunties, uncles, gmas, papas, and fall break in florida each year for this birthday boy's big celebration!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

birthday bowling

if you've visited here a time or two, you've probably noticed that i thrive on sunlight.  the winter months are difficult for me, to put it mildly.  i'm trying my best to stay positive about snowbird this year (even though he's had the nerve to show up early). 

one problem area for me is photography.  i adore natural lighting, but natural lighting is hard to find in hibernation mode.  hmmm.  but seeking the positive, this is a great time to work on my black and white photography skills, yes?  i mean, when pictures are of an inferior quality, converting them to black and white definitely helps, right?  so why not just work on actually taking cool black and white photos? 

that was the intent at my son's birthday bowling party last week (yes, i know his birthday was in october; i tend to get things done on my own time table around here).  it was hard getting into taking pictures.  indoor settings just don't seem to inspire me.  i'm really glad i tried though.  i like these few i took quite a bit. 

they didn't seem to work well in black and white, however, so i went with a vintage filter.  they're all edited in pictapgo with the "sx-70" filter at full force and then a slight bit of "lights on" added to it.  i think it's a fun look. 

this makes me laugh.  the big boys all used bumpers except for the second j.  they had fun bowling, but really it was just an excuse to visit the arcade afterwards.

these last two group shots are my favorite.  can't wait to scrapbook them.  :)

jbs mercantile gallery updates: tree fort part one

the photos of the boys building and playing in their tree fort have been begging to be scrapped.  i finally got one set done with my jbs mercantile november kits.  the "do" tag and "work hard" (used on the accompanying project life half page) tags were just beyond perfect.

this page talks about the actual process of building the fort and how much fun that was.  i'm saving the other set of photos of the two boys to do a page about their friendship.  these two have been together since they were three months old.  eleven years now.  how crazy is that?

look at me stamping again!  i might just turn into a stamper yet!

i printed out the journaling from the blog post about these photos, tucked it in the top slot of the project life page, and attached it with a little paper clip.

Monday, November 17, 2014

me on monday

have you ever wondered what it's like to be a teenager growing up in the age of selfies?  me neither. some of them are really good at it though.  they know their best side, best angle, best smile, best lighting, best filter.  i have definitely decided that pictapgo's "powder" is my best filter.  good old black and white to effectively mask the chronic pink tinge to my nose in the winter months.  ha.

i am contemplating letting my hair grow out a bit.  maybe.  i have been contemplating coloring it for a while now. luckily, those greys are invisible in black and white.  i am torn between emulating my big sister who has greyed gracefully and my other big sister who has dyed gracefully.  honestly, i kinda wish i lived near the one who dyes gracefully so she could do the big sister thing and take me to the salon.  growing up is hard to do.  do you feel old?  i don't.  i wonder when that happens.

in other news, the seminoles won again in case you didn't hear.  this game was on a local station so i could catch it.  boy did that make me tense.  i dusted and cleaned the kitchen all through the first half and then power crocheted through the second half.  i just couldn't sit there and watch.  oyve.

g and i purchased a treadmill off craigslist this weekend.  he has already been diligent about using it. i have not. we went to get it on friday night after g's birthday bowling party (pics soon) as one of our friends went with us with her minivan.  i couldn't get it myself as only a hamster treadmill would fit in my corolla.  her boy and my boy and his sleepover buddy all had to go in and give it a test drive before purchase.  i told the nice couple who sold it to us that we don't get out much.

i had big plans for coordinating some cute outfits from my closet this week.  then it got really cold and pseudo snowed and all i wanted to do was be warm.  grey sweater, camo pants, grey converse, wool jacket.  maybe if i go in hiding winter won't find me.  gosh.  wouldn't it be nice to just hibernate?

i got pretty annoyed at school today.  i was helping my 5th grader with a math test and he had not clue how to do long division.  i told his teacher that we couldn't do that part as he didn't know how and that i would find him some worksheets to practice the skill.  she told me that he could just do it on the calculator and i didn't have to bother with the long division.  oh em gee.  what?!  seriously, people.  we must go back to the basics.  it's math, not calculator programming 101.  i realize it's not the teacher's fault, that it's society.  it just kills me though.  then i get them at the high school and they can't figure out factoring and such because THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND THE BASICS.  soapbox.  i've come to the conclusion that i will need to get a basic math workbook for my own child to practice on this summer since now i know that a good grade in math doesn't necessarily mean what i thought it did.  sigh.  at least it will be warm in the summer.

joining in with the delightful sian fair and her "me on monday" meme.  you're welcome to join in, too!  we'd love to hear what you've been up to.  :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

menu plan: calling all turkeys!

no turkey yet, but we're getting closer.  today was the annual cub scout thanksgiving dinner (our last as cub scouts, sniff).  while there were chicken tenders instead of the big bird, all the other traditional sides (and pies!) were in abundance.  happy, happy, happy!  afterwards the boys had a competition to make thanksgiving decor with a box of junk.  this is g's group (he's the big guy on the left).  now that's a funny bird, right?  i especially love the tp roll head.

so last week's tortilla soup really hit the spot several times as we ended up eating on it all week long.  that paired with an unexpected pork chop bounty this weekend has left us needing to clear out the fridge again this week. while it's not very exciting, i'm not complaining as i won't have to make a trip to the grocery!  woot!

this week's menu plan:
sunday - cub scout thanksgiving
monday - pork chops, macaroni and cheese, fried plantain
tuesday - spaghetti
wednesday - church
thursday - homemade pizza
friday - open
saturday - tortillas con quesillo