Sunday, March 29, 2015

cocoa daisy: april reveal!

cocoa daisy's april reveal was last night!  suffice it to say, the april kits are like a party in a box.  i know opening mine friday afternoon truly seemed like happy hour.  i haven't had much time to work with mine yet.  i got this layout done friday night and another layout + pl combo done on saturday (those can be seen in the designer gallery).  be sure to check back next weekend as i'm sure the gallery will fill up by then.  poor christine has been having a heck of a time getting product in these last couple months with the port strikes on the west coast.  hopefully, it hasn't affected you too much, but as we get our boxes a couple weeks earlier it's been hard to get them to us and created in time.  fingers crossed that the strike is over by next month!

this is one of those layouts that more or less created itself.  i am usually in love with the end product when that happens.  those layouts are just kinda extra expressive, you know?

i did want to tell you that christine was able to get a second run of the april planner pages in both a5 and personal size.  if you missed them, you can run grab a set quick and have them for the first week of april.  i really think they're the cutest things ever and the more i use them the more i figure out how to use them if that makes sense.  like this month i've realized what i can do to make them more like the one aspect that i miss from the composition style planners (that would be the keeping of data once the year is over).  it was kind of a "duh" moment to be honest.  anyway, this is what i'm working on today.  getting my life organized and planner prettied for april.  i'm about to make a copy of this free calendar page (another "duh" moment - how did i not realize these were there?) and a divided page with this free cute file (just as soon as i can kick my kid of my laptop).  hope you're having a productive and/or relaxing sunday!  :)

quality literature: looking for alaska

i want to say this is a good book.  i'm sure it is a good book.  i got stuck in the middle for a couple weeks (or more), however, which is usually not a good indication of my enjoyment of a book.  honestly, i think i am just way tired of teenage angst reads.  i've read too many lately and i am probably done with that genre for a while.  also, i think perhaps the author was trying a little too hard to be profound and so the trying was quite obvious.  so, yea.  but don't listen to me.  back in the day, the catcher in the rye wasn't my favorite either.

Friday, March 27, 2015

using my stash: my how they've grown

another layout using the kit i built for calvinball!  i must get busy this weekend!  we're fast approaching the end of calvinball!  only four more days plus today after work!  ;)

design:  i went with a monochromatic color scheme for the background.  i randomly cut the yellow papers from my kit and layered them up the page.  i like how it helps reinforce the growth theme.

story:  these three planted tiny sunflower seeds earlier in the year and by july when g's two friends came to visit again they simple could not believe that these huge sunflowers were from those tiny seeds they planted.  they were almost 12 feet tall!

photos:  the sunflower was taken with my dslr.  the other two were with my iphone.  the tiny photo was edited with the pictureshow app and then resized with diptic before printing.

technique:  i stamped on the tag, but then covered most of it up.  i've been trying to use my stamps more lately.

product:  most of the time i do a layout first and then if there's a project life page next to it i'll use the same product for that.  this time i did the project life page first and i guess it's pretty obvious that i was trying to use my freckled fawn wood veneer stash.  i think all the embellishments are freckled fawn here.  i then used the patterned paper kit that i created for calvinball on the layout and made sure to include some wood veneer on it as well.

and the project life page and layout together in my album.  :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

wchs: dinosaur wars

so as i was photographing the teeny tiny succulents on the first day of spring, i had this idea to bring some of g's old toys over for another little photo shoot to show you the scale of these sweet little plants.  i was glad i hadn't gotten around to taking the goodwill for drop off as i dug down to the bottom of the bag to rescue these cutie dinos.

i told g that i needed him to come help me set up the dinosaur wars.  he told me dinosaurs didn't have wars, it was just a predator/prey relationship.  ha!  he quickly agreed to help me though as he's just an all around great kid who loves his mom and is very tolerant of her quirks, especially those involving the camera.

these poor plant eaters have no chance!

g's bff spent the night, so got to come on our excursion as well.  he's known me since he was four months old and is also tolerant of my camera fetish.

they were very impressed with the idea of dinos making their last stands on cliffs.

i'm sure you can tell the boys didn't set this one up.  i simply couldn't resist!  isn't he awesome to bring her a flower like that? ;)

the duckbill managed to get away . . .

so this guy had to look for fresh meat in the valley below . . .

herd spotted!

the boys also found some living creatures while we were out there.  g thought j had killed this one; it was so still in his hand.  turns out it was just playing dead; it sure zipped off fast enough when he put it down.

g spotted this patch of itty bitty blue flowers for me.

he knows what i like.

the bees liked them too.

the boys got their shoes wet.

i just got mine dirty.

these little flowers were the most gorgeous shade of yellow green. 

i wanted to bring this clump of clover home with me; i'm hoping my wild patch from last year comes back.

joining with annie and "how does your garden grow?"

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

using my stash: first harvest

design: i went with the wonky look and cut out pieces of patterned paper to mimic the veggies in the photo.  i like it!  it's edgy and hipster.  ;)

story: the first few veggies harvested from my garden last year.  precious.

photo: taken on my deck with my dslr.

technique: journaling always looks tidier to me when it's contained.  i boxed mine in on this layout with simple sketchy pen lines.

product:  i made my own patterned paper kit for calvinball and then started pulling some "archaic" product to score some extra bonus points.  i will never grow tired of my heidi swapp ghost letters, old foofala, and ki memories color theory.

and, of course, some project life pages to go with it.  these follow that same format of project life cards + freckled fawn embellishment kits with a few barcode strip words thrown in for good measure.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

project life: sunshine edition (by a beautiful mess)

today's scrappies brought to you courtesy of a beautiful mess!  yep!  i continued my method of using project life cards and my freckled fawn kits as it was really working for me.  these pages are all made with the sunshine edition project life kit designed by elsie and emma from a beautiful mess.  it has definitely been my favorite to work with of all the project life kits that i have.  it's just so bright and happy and fun!

the little foldover card opens to show our florida menu plan.  hoping to get more of this soon!

i am especially partial to the color scheme on this one.

added a few rhinestone stars to the constellation paper.  way too cute for words.

the spread and coincidentally the photos on these pages are all from the same day, so it's nice that they go together.

and another summer spread.

the leave your mark photo totally makes me giggle.
and btw, foam thickers seem to go perfectly with the sunshine edition.

i don't often manage to use the 4x6 project life cards, but sometimes i can work them in to two 3x4 pockets like this and i really like the look.

silly me.  yippee!  :)

wchs: vernal equinox

i've come to realize that wildflowers are much more transient than i really ever realized.  nature's canvas changes constantly.  with that thought in mind, i decided it would be neat to document one of my favorite wildflower haunts on a monthly or more probably bi-monthly basis.

i've chosen the ridge at my high school for this documentation because it is a unique natural environment and close by with easy access.

i went for the first time this year on the vernal equinox.  that seemed appropriate.  i wasn't finding much of interest, but i persevered as i just knew there was something there somewhere.

and finally, i found it.

isn't this like a sweet little fairy world?

it's scenes like these that give me little glimpses back to my own childhood.

and i wonder if these little succulents would grow in captivity.  or are they just meant to be seasonal?  hmmm . . . hopefully, i'll figure this out through the course of the spring/summer, right?

and then as i was snapping a few more photos as the sun was setting . . .

i had an idea for another little photo shoot, this time involving my son.  :)

to be continued . . .