Saturday, November 21, 2015

wchs: november

i went to photograph the ridge at my high school again last week.  it's been awesome seeing the changes that happen there from week to week and month to month all year.  it was especially nice to bask in the warm sunshine and visit with the few remaining floral and flying friends before we all go into winter hibernation, myself included.  you can see this beautiful place through the year HERE.  :)

little red house in the fall

we finally had an uncloudy day in which i remembered that sunset started at 3:30, so i managed to snag a few photos of the little red house down the road.  i began photographing it last winter with a black and white study.  i then decided to photograph it in each season.  so far i've gotten spring, summer, and now fall.  i'm hoping to get it with snow in the eaves this winter.  this has been a really fun project to work on.

g's bookshelf: pete the cat saves christmas

another delightful read.  i'm hoping to sketch this cute guy in my hobonichi soon.  here's a video for your viewing pleasure:

p.s. i am still cheating on my 52 books this year quota.  with this one, the last one, and rereads of the great gatsby and to kill a mockingbird at school, i'm bringing my total for this year up to 26.  officially halfway there with over a month to spare.  ha!  ha!

Friday, November 20, 2015

youtube: journal with me october flip through

quality literature: on the road

on the positive side:
i'm finished
jack kerouac has a brilliant command of the english language (ie the words are written prettily)
it gives an interesting glimpse into a different era (and lifestyle) in the united states

on the flip side:
the plot was practically non existent
the characters were not really likeable
it's all about irresponsible drug use, alcohol use, sex, and irresponsibility in general