Tuesday, April 22, 2014

jbs: i already miss this

a sweet layout about my baby boy and how i need to make him let him grow up (just a little).

you can read a little more about the supplies over on the jbs inspiration blog.  :)

good blog reads

a few more good blog reads for you!  and the kitties on easter sunday.  enjoy!  :)

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a little crafting and a little animal loving.  http://gemmagarner.com/blog/

i think i could learn a few things here.  http://iphonephotographyschool.com/

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Monday, April 21, 2014

wchs ffa plant sale!

calling all locals!  please support the wchs ffa!  stop in (during the hours listed below) and buy a few plants.  these kids (and their teachers) work hard to develop their skills and provide a wonderful product (at a great price) to their community.  g and i came home with six different varieties of geraniums.  i can't wait till they bloom!  (if you're in the mt. juliet area, the mjhs ffa is also conducting their plant sale as well.  i haven't been yet this year, but last year's crop was great!).

menu plan: deviled egg peeps

i hope your easter was fabulous!  our weekend was so wonderful!  we had friday off and visited cheekwood botanical gardens (or cReekwood BIOtanical as g calls it), went back to the farm saturday, and did easter dinner with friends who are more like family saturday.  indeed, we spent the whole weekend surrounded by friends, and we are extremely thankful for all of them.

i spent most of the weekend unplugged (except for an instagram extravaganza yesterday - i'm dorissander there, so original), so i have lots of pictures and stories to share this week.  these are the deviled egg peeps i made for easter dinner.  they are fairly self-explanatory.  the beaks are carrots and the eyes are black olives.  the nest is made of broccoli sprouts that g sprouted last week.

this week's menu plan is easy peasy.  i don't even have to go to the grocery all week except to pick up a few things for g's school lunches and to pick up a steak for the byob (bring your own beef) campout cookout on friday night.  looking forward to another great weekend ahead without cub scout family!  life is good!

this week's menu plan:
sunday - happy easter!
monday - happy easter leftovers!
tuesday - spaghetti
wednesday - dinner at church
thursday - homemade pizza (gotta use up those black olives as i only used two on the peeps, lol)
friday - steak at the campout
saturday - campout food

Thursday, April 17, 2014

crocheted easter baskets

the easter bunny has been busy!  the holiday bug bit (fairly last minute) again and i managed to whip out a few of these little easter baskets for a few little friends.  i finished five to deliver today and need to make three more for monday.

i think they turned out so so cute!  i followed this pattern that i found on pinterest.  the bottom of the bowl i followed exactly and then for the sides i modified the stitch to the one i used for my dishclothes to give the bowls more of a basket weave effect. 
if you're looking for a quickie handmade easter project, these would fit the bill. each bowl took me about an hour to crochet and was made with scrap yarn.
the details:
100% cotton medium weight yarn
size E crochet hook (i love those tight stitches)
* for the bottom of the bowl, i completed through step 8 (48 stitches), the edge was then 7 rows tall plus the finishing row.  my completed bowls measure 3 inches across and 2 inches high
*i found the hello kitty bunny eggs in the easter section at target

hoppy easter, ya'll!

how does your garden grow?

i am just so so excited that gardening season is finally upon us once more!  it's been such a long winter; we actually had snow in the forecast on tax day this year!  craziness!

this year is going to be even better than last year.  a dear friend of ours has invited gabriel and i to share in his gardening experience.  he has 150 acres and two big hoop houses.  yes, please!

from the looks of the blossoms already appearing, we will have tomatoes and strawberries in early may!  hooray!

we spent three hours under this glorious blue sky saturday, and it was amazing.

g chatted nonstop with homer.  i loved it.  i am firmly convinced that a child can never have too many of the grandfatherly types in his life.  (plus, i got a few quiet minutes with my camera).
these are the remnants of the turnips, last fall's cover crop.  they were planted after the last harvest to deter weed growth and then tilled under in early december to enrich the soil.

the bees are loving these early blooms.

and i loved photographing them, although i am learning that macro photography is quite difficult with the iphone.  it refocuses every time it moves or the wind blows.  bees move a lot, so it's hard to keep up with them, plus it was a very windy day.  i must remember to take my big camera next time.

here is the bees' home.  we actually got to meet tennessee's state beekeeper as he was checking on the bees while we were there. 

g helped plant the cucumbers.  this saturday we're scheduled to help plant corn and zinnias.

and i will, of course, be taking more pictures.  and maybe crocheting.  and possibly taking a walk in the woods.  and taking more pictures.  and picnicing.  happy days ahead!

good-bye farm!  we'll see you again real soon!

linking up with mammasaurus and "how does your garden grow?"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

52 weeks: february squares

wah!  i seem to be falling behind on all my year long projects!  i think it's the combination of changing seasons and winter lasting too darn long.  for example, i was going strong on my granny squares until basketball season ended.  without realizing it, i had gotten into the habit of carrying my crochet bag to practices and games.  i could usually get a square done in that time and still enjoy the game and atmosphere.  i know i'll enjoy carrying my crochet bag to the lake this summer as well.  it and a good book kept me company under a shade tree on many hot afternoons as the boys splashed.  now is the problem though.  i like to crochet while i'm doing something else.  yes, i'm a multi-tasker.  this week i've gotten into a rhythm of crocheting on the couch with g while he watches netflix on his ipad and i watch the flight 370 mystery on cnn.  the february squares are finally done.  maybe i will start the march squares at the farm this saturday.  hooray for a three day weekend!  and warmer weather!  and picnics in the great outdoors!

it's still so neat to me to document our lives in color.  the first squares were for our cub scout blue and gold banquet, the second for our kitty, pepito, the third for valentine's day, and the fourth for the olympics.